SBL Malta
Bicycle Tours

SBL are proud to offer a series of bicycle tours around Malta on our newly acquired Kalkhoff Moonrider Pros. The Maltese countryside and excellent climate lend themselves to a perfect cycling holiday, and the range and variety of places to see and things to do on the islands mean that every day of a cycling tour program is packed with fun.

The bikes we offer are Kalkhoff Moonrider Pros which we supply in a range of sizes to suit the rider. We consider this model to be the bike most ideally suited to the Maltese islands for a number of reasons. For one, they are very lightweight 24-speed Shimano bikes which makes for an easier ride - so that you can go further and see more in a single day, with less effort. The suspension system is fully lockable for greater comfort on flat roads, whilst offering excellent shock absorption when unlocked on off-road conditions. Each bike has a rear luggage rack for satchels and bottles and the semi-slick tires offer the best balance of grip over tarmac and gravel.

As far as riding conditions go, Malta and Gozo are a great place to hit the road by bike. The overall terrain is hilly, especially in Gozo where deep valleys carve their way between a verdant landscape of green hills. However, the gradients of the roads are mild meaning that on most routes riders of average fitness won’t struggle, but they will have the advantage of gaining high ground and the beautiful vistas that accompany it.

Most bicycle tour routes in Malta and Gozo take between 5 to 7 hours to complete and will take groups through about 25-30 kilometers of gorgeous countryside, with rest stops, photo opportunities and snacks along the way. We offer pick-up and drop-off points for the bicycles and our routes pass mostly through paved secondary roads. There are six or so main routes to take with a host of shorter secondary routes to try out as well. A typical bicycle tour program in Malta consists of about four riding days a week with three rest days that will not be short of things to do and see. Off-days are generally spent basking in the sun at the beach, shopping on the Sliema waterfront or exploring the ancient cities of Mdina and Valletta.

The weather in Malta is generally sunny year round with rarely more than three or four consecutive overcast days, and those during the mild winter months. When it rains it tends to rain heavily but only for short bursts usually followed by sunshine. The best time to visit for a cycling tour is between March and mid-July, and October till November when the weather is at its peak for the year. During these times the weather is warm and very sunny on the island, having the one of the best climates in the world.