SBL Malta
Some Sites of Interest

The Temples: A number of prehistoric manmade structures can be found around the islands of Malta and Gozo of which seven are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In many instances little is known about the peoples that built these impressive temple complexes or why the construction of the temples halted so abruptly some four to five thousand years ago. Some of the Maltese temples predate the pyramids of Giza and are thought to be the oldest free standing manmade structures in the world.

Chapels, Churches and Cathedrals: Malta is an island with a long tradition of Christianity that dates back as far as two thousand years ago when St. Paul the Apostle was famously shipwrecked on the island en route to Rome to face trial. As a result Malta and Gozo are dotted with nearly four hundred Churches some of which such as the church of Ta Pinu, St. Pauls Church and St. Johns Co-cathedral among many others, are truly stunning pieces of architecture and are filled with works of art.

The Azure Window: This huge limestone arch hewn out of the Gozitan shoreline by the sea is a natural wonder well worth visiting. The Azure window is also a popular scuba dive site and has featured in a number of films.

The Inland Sea: The Inland Sea in Gozo is a shallow inland saltwater lake connected to the Mediterranean Sea via and 80 metre long tunnel passing through a cliff wall. It is a particularly spectacular place to scuba dive through.

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