SBL Malta
Spiritual Destinations

Christianity's history in Malta goes back almost 2000 years. It was none less than the Apostle Paul who brought the Christian message to the Islands in 6oAD. The Evangelist Luke reports in detail about this event in chapters 27 and 28 of the Acts of the Apostles. As a prisoner of the Romans, Paul was being escorted to Rome when the ship in which he travelled shipwrecked just outside Malta's coast. Luke writes that the people of Malta received the unfortunate passengers in a friendly and helpful manner, hosting and feeding them during the Winter months that they had to spend in Malta before they could resume their voyage.

Perhaps it was this natural readiness to help, this brotherliness that made the Malta so susceptible to the Christian message, since the entire population converted to Christianity during the 3 month of Paul's stay, including the Roman Governor Publius, who became the Islands' first Bishop.

Visitors with an interest in history will discover the fascinating, multi-faceted past of the Maltese Islands: the Prehistory, the Roman Empire, Paul's sojourn, the Order of The Knights of St. John and of course the recent 180 years as a British Colony.