SBL Malta
Things To Do:

Go to the beach: Malta’s excellent warm and sunny climate mean that you can basically begin hitting the beach from about mid-May; at the height of the summer heat in about mid August it is practically a necessity. Malta has a collection of both rocky and sandy beaches, with Golden Bay, Paradise Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha being particularly picturesque.

Go clubbing: From Friday to Sunday during the winter and all week long during the summer, Paceville is the throbbing pulse of Maltese nightlife with thousands of locals and foreigners congregating there for nights of music and revelling.

Museums: There are a number of museums to visit in Malta which offer both interesting collections that derive from a long and multicultural history dating back thousands of years and are also of interest from an architectural standpoint. Some museums of note are the War Museum in Valletta which chronicles Malta’s role in the second world war, as well as The Malta Maritime Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Exhibitions: Art lovers will not be disappointed by what’s on offer in the Maltese art scene. There are numerous art galleries and events being held regularly, particularly at the St. James Cavalier; a renovated and repurposed 16th century fort which has become a centre for creativity. The St. James is open to the public and has a dynamic and constant program of artistic events.

Music Events: There are a number of music festivals and events taking place on the island which include the Jazz Festival, International String Orchestra Festival, Opera Festival, The Choir Festival, The Baroque Festival, Isle of MTV as well as a number of other concerts and music events in a range of styles.

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